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The Dropout, 2022 – ★★★½

Amanda Seyfried is absolutely incredible in this series. She plays a perfect unhinged, divorced from reality, aliens in her own body.
I watched the entire miniseries in one sitting because I was physically unable to look away.
Amanda Seyfried was impossible to look away from.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Enjoyable and comforting movie. I remember reading about Sony wanting to put together a movie with a cast of villains. This felt like a believable way to do that.

Some I knew from past films. Others I did not (because I’ve forgotten or they were new.)

I enjoyed the film. It was entertaining and tugged in my heart strings and gave me solace from a rough two years.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Anonymous conflict. Cold climate.
War is never pretty. Nor are there any winners.

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