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Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Watched on HBO (after fighting with HBO: We make a Roku app but we make it very poorly.)

I enjoyed it. It’s beautiful.

Though disappointed it is a multi-part story that ends right when it really feels like it’s getting started.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Watched this as part of a Bucket List Christmas gift from 2020 and…. I don’t understand the appeal.

Skip the first hour of the film and you have about 30 mins of conflict and fighting and you miss nothing. (Because there was nothing to miss.)

The number of times one fighter just doesn’t move is stupidly high. I could block this punch or kick. But nope. I’ll take it instead.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Starts as a weight loss scheme. (Pray when you’re hungry instead of eating.)

Becomes a church/cult. (Is there any real difference with churches?)

Seriously a rough watch. Horrible things done to so many people, especially children. Kids make a sound? Just beat them until they love in absolute terror of you. In the name of God.

TW: Beating children. Suicide. Abuse .

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