Looking to move on from Dreamhost where I’ve been for over a decade. It seems they’re pushing towards VPS plans and saying my meager WordPress sites are using too many resources.

What are you fine people using for shared hosting?

I’ve got a box to tinker on at home so not looking for a VPS.

Looking for blog hosting. WordPress. Known. Photo gallery. All personal.

Cpanel would be nice.

I like to try out new things.




Usage: “I can make any kind of sandwinch. Turkey sandwinch. Peanut butter sandwinch.

Credit to my 6 year old nephew.

26km Week

Status: 2019-07-07 12.15.16

I don’t know what the reward is for walking over 25om in a week. But this is the first time I’ve got it and I’m excited to see.

It’s been relentlessly hot this week but I used the Independence Day holiday and waking up early on the weekend to hit the goal including a nearly 4 mile walk this morning around my favorite lake.


That feeling when a Comcast line comes down in a storm. You struggle to get them out to fix it because you’re not a customer. Then that line takes out your Verizon FiOS line so you’re without internet.

I’m three phone calls deep with Comcast to get them to fix the line dangling across the street and have yet to get an appointment. I don’t know when someone will come out to repair it.

Verizon will be here tomorrow. And they’ve already been out once (but since it’s a Comcast line, the repair tech couldn’t do anything about it.)

Comcast. We call it Xfinity now, but it’s still the same terrible service it was a decade ago the last time I was a customer due to their monopoly.