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Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Not as engaging as Alice in Borderland. But still interesting with good characters.

I’m a sucker for any of these “game” series where it’s life and death or the stakes are incredibly high. As long as it goes somewhere. There has to he a story and character development where I feel an investment with the character(s).

The story dragged in places where there was too much going on. Trying to pack too many angles and too much into the 9 episodes. There were quicker ways to make the point they were trying to make.

I did appreciate not spelling basic things out for the audience. We got to learn along with our characters.

Final, random thought: The use of shapes the entire time reminded me of a Sony Playstation controller.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Surprisingly good. Twisty. Turny. Kept me engaged and wanting to dig deeper and know more.

And I’ve not been able to stay focused on much television this entire year.
Watched it over the course of two days. 8 episodes of tight intrigue was perfect.

It was liberating to know it was a limited series and once it was over. It was over.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

Went into this blind. (It’s on a poster of 100 movie bucket list.)

And wow… What an achingly beautiful film. The claymation. The style and use of color. The story. Oh my god the story would have me sobbing uncontrollably if it weren’t told through claymation.

This is a movie I’ve never even heard mentioned and it was beautiful and painful and dark but ultimately beautiful.

Letterboxd – Carl Holscher

There’s so many things rolling around my head after watching this.
The power dynamics in play.
The ability for one man to ruin people’s lives for sport. Without recourse for the victims.
How money enables the most vile behavior and protects its own.

Part of me mourns for the young man who needed friends, therapy, a different set of parents.

But the man he grew into completed the cycle of abuse he suffered and now perpetrates on a parade of people who embody the ones who bullied him.

For a story about tickling, nobody’s laughing except our tickling fetishist who makes a good loving from filming tickling.

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