$400 problem

# [Life with a Series 0 Watch, Older Tech, and COVID-19 – Mark Crump](https://markcrump.com/2020/12/19/life-with-a-series-0-watch-older-tech-and-covid-19/)

> It’s not that I think the new Watches suck. It’s that they don’t solve $400 worth of problems for me.

A new purchase can solve a problem. But with it can come new problems. Does it need a new charger? Does it use the small army of accessories I already have for the device? Is there going to be something I can do now and won’t be able to do on the new one?

Looking at you Halo 5 with your lack of split screen game play.

Sometimes the problem it solves isn’t worth the price tag.

A Genuine Labor Day Miracle

 I can actually now use the Internet the way it’s currently being used by people — still slower than most, but with enough speed to get it done. That’s progress, here in rural America.

A Genuine Labor Day Miracle

John Scalzi shares a snippet of rural American internet in 2020. This is the reality 60 miles outside our nation’s capital. And millions of other homes across the country.

For all the talk of remote learning and working. There’s a conversation not happening around how this isn’t possible.

Welcome to Rural Internet.

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Joshua Specter linked to a post in his newsletters saying When You Follow Someone New On Social Media, Post About It

Let’s say you find someone interesting to follow on social media.
Awesome. Now, spread the word about them.

And today, Spained-based tech and short story writer Riccardo Mori, pointed me to Mr. Mobile Michael Fisher

So there’s two to start with.

The Redskins have done the unthinkable and lost Washington – The Washington Post

Washington has discovered that champions can live here. So why tolerate, let alone support, an atrociously run and constantly embarrassing franchise with a moral compass that is as twisted as a corkscrew?

Perfectly sums it up. Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018. The Mystics won the WNBA Championship this year. The Nationals won the World Series this year. The Redskins can’t score a touchdown.

Simple Stoicism

Good post on Stoicism – canion.me I found from a comment on Potatowire’s site

Boiling it down
The easy 1, 2, 3 of stoicism may be presented as:
If you can change it, it doesn’t deserve your worry. Go ahead and make the change. Just do it!
If you can’t change it, it doesn’t deserve your worry. You can’t fix it, so why stress?2
If you worry about it anyway, you are simply inviting it to tyrannise and traumatise you, indefinitely. Rumination is the worst.

Simple Stoicism.

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My Simple Space – WordPress plugin

Disk Space, Database and Memory Usage in the dashboard.

Source: My Simple Space – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

I’ve been going back and forth with Dreamhost about the amount of memory my sites have been using. I was able to get things under control this week and asked support if they had any recommendations for ways I could keep tabs on the amount of memory my sites were using.

Since I’m on a shared hosting plan, I can’t control the server. But Conor from Dreamhost Support was able to point me to this plugin.

Once installed, it sits on the WordPress dashboard and keeps me updated with how much space my site is using as well as the total memory allowed and what it’s currently using. It’s a nice way to keep tabs on memory usage.

Plugins showing disk space and memory used in WordPress.

Plugins showing disk space and memory used in WordPress.

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

IE6 users represented around 18% of our user base at that point. We understood that we could not just drop support for it. However, sitting in that cafeteria, having only slept about a few hours each in the previous days, our compassion for these users had completely eroded away. We began collectively fantasizing about how we could exact our revenge on IE6. One idea rose to the surface that quickly captured everyone’s attention. Instead of outright dropping IE6 support, what if we just threatened to?

Source: A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

I salute these brave developers inside YouTube for pushing the web forward and leaving IE6 behind.