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Spiderhead, 2022 – ½

Captions are required. I had to keep rewinding to hear what was being said.

10 minutes in: I have no idea what is going on. So many quick cuts that don’t relate to anything.

64 minutes in: Administering drugs to elicit different responses. And?

90 minutes in: It took you 90 minutes to get here? This was a 30 minute episode of Black Mirror atretched over an hour.

Why did I watch this? There’s no point. Barely a plot. And the audio was extremely quiet all the way through.

Operation Mincemeat, 2021 – ★★½

Somehow, all of the excitement and tension of dressing a body up with a faked letter, tossing him in the sea all in hopes of tricking the germans about where the allien invasion was going to take place felt… long and boring.

Add it to the genre of British People Talking In Hushed Rooms.

Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at the moment where our heros have a tense conversation about always being careful who was around them and who might overhear them. Then immediately going out into the street and start shouting about running covert missions.

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