04/20/2020 09:57:16 PM

Tonight’s walk took us to a new part of the neighborhood. It was a beautiful with trees and shrubs in bloom. As the sun set, the light was perfect and the colors spectacular.

A good walk always lasts longer than you intend. Tonight was a good walk.

04/11/2020 09:19:32 PM

Totally normal grocery store trip. We picked up most of what we were looking for. Idly thought “maybe we’ll get a pizza.” Nope.

Decided to check out the toilet paper aisle just for fun and… Nothing.

We also made a trip to Panera for bagels since our local bagelry is closed. Added some fancy bread because sometimes you need to see new foods to get you through the week.

Safeway reminds you to keep your distance.
Pizza? Pizzno.


04/09/2020 03:29:23 PM

Today I have been:
– Technical Support
– Webinar Support
– Emotional Support

What I have not done is take any time for myself. It’s vitally important as we give to others, we take some time for ourselves.

Hang in there.

04/07/2020 05:41:55 PM

So… Webex chats stopped working. Only private chats work. No groups like All Attendees or All Panelists. Not even “Panelist” or “Host. You must select the specific person to chat to. Or they simply fail to display, or send.