06/26/2019 03:15:33 PM

The only people who want to be free are those who have committed a crime. The rest of us incarcerate ourselves in marriage, 9-5 jobs, organized religion, loyalty cards. Do you think they’ve have had to comb the deserts for Terrorist 47 if he had a loyalty card?

Division 19

Mysterium & Fluxx

Played Mysterium tonight with Reesa and Michelle and had an absolute blast. (Sorry you missed out Stanley and Lori.)

The artwork is beautiful. The game is a cooperative Clue where a ghost passes clues to you about the murderer through abstract artwork.

We were successful in our first playthrough as a team. It was a great party game with a fair bit of setup. But it’s very easy to understand once you get going.

After this, we played possibly the wildest game of Fluxx. This is a game where you start with simple rules of “Draw 1, Play 1.”

Then the rules can change the number of draws. Or plays. Or the number if cards in your hand.

The goals to win also change constantly.

It’s a fun game where everything changes so quickly it’s hard to have any kind of strategy.

We spent most of the game with a hand limit of zero. We picked and played the same card for turn after turn. Until we finally got to draw 4 cards at once and Reesa got both cards needed to attain the goal and won.

Patio Project

Four hours of Tiller rental from Home Depot.
850 pounds of sand.
2220 pounds of pavers.
1 ton of pea gravel (almost).
1 fire pit.

My wife and I have spent the last couple weekends removing grass and earth and laying weed fabric, laying sand, leveling sand, laying pavers, re-laying pavers, and spreading pea gravel. But it’s been a wonderful project and it was nice to be able to sit outside on our patio around the (unlit) fire pit watching the birds eat at the feeders and a local deer wandered up to say hello.

As with all home improvement projects, it wasn’t fun doing it but I’m glad to have it done.

06/08/2019 10:10:22 PM

Hauled concrete to dump.

Picked up free mulch. (The county makes it out of the trees they shred.)

Laid mulch.

Adjusted spacing of pavers in new patio.

String trimmed as my wife mowed.

Sat on patio enjoying the spectacular day.