09/11/2019 04:59:49 PM

This is my house.



Status: 2019-09-04 21.10.12

This is Leopold. He was stationed at Maine’s Fort Knox. The only fort I’ve ever visited with a library and a reading room.

Other troops were sent there a few times in history. But they elected to camp outside the fort. There were so many places for cannons. And no cannons were ever sent to the fort.

This fort was built years too late. To combat a threat long past. It’s best seen from across the river, as it sits on a hillside.

Young’s Lobster Pound

Status: 2019-08-30 00.16.44

No lobster roll today.

Whale watching trip was cancelled due to rain.

Puffin trip cancelled due to lack of puffins.

As solace, I direct you to The Bucket List for 2.

Prepared at Young’s Lobster Pound. Where we passed many a lobster and crab.

And when my number was called, I Rose to receive this menagerie from under the sea (and corn).

It was as good as it looked. And we left a large pile of mussels and clams to a very large family(?) party at a nearby table.